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Viperman's Museum of Old Internet Stuff

I hope this will be an always growing list of interesting stuff from the passed ages of internet

Things from the Usenet

In between the BBS's and the Web, there was the Usenet

Miscellaneous Stuff

Stuff for all tastes

An anthropological introduction to Youtube (2008)

This 10-year old video will at once make you feel heartwarmingly nostalgic for the early Youtube and sad thinking about the path the Web has taken since it was made, in an age before "Youtubers" and "content" and ads everywhere you look. (To be fair, present-day Youtube has an interesting side, with all the video essayists, but nevertheless somehow the Web as a whole feels hollow and dominated by corporations and walled-gardens now, as opposed to being "The Wide West" and dominated by individuals trying to express themselves)

Core Wars Stuff

Plain Weird stuff

The title of this subsection says it all

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